FitzDesign Inc.
Gloucester Main Street Sidewalk Improvements*
Loctation: Gloucester, Massachusetts
Client: City of Gloucester Community Development Department
A comprehensive Master Plan and construction phasing plan for the ‘east end’ of Gloucester’s Main Street business district and subsequent design of each phase of the project was completed and constructed as part of the City’s ecomnomic development goals. The revitalization of the streetscape emphasized pedestrian access and accommodation traffic calming and overall beautification.
Central Artery / TunnelProject - Section DO 18A*
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Surface restoration plan for the Chinatown area of the CA/T projcet in Dowtown Boston. Working with the Edwards and Kelsey team of engineers construction documents were developed for this highly visible streetscape restoration design which designates the entrance to Boston’s vital Chinatown neighbohood. The design incorporates historic and modern interpretive elements.
Cohasett Village Improvements*
Location: Cohasset, Massachusetts
Client: Town of Cohassett, Massachusetts
Streetscape Improvement Plan from concept through construction bid documents for the central business district. Extensive public participation and involvement with town agencies was an integral aspect of this project. The work also required coordination with the ongoing MBTA Greenbush project including budgeting, schedules and design criteria.
Somerville Avenue Streetscape Improvements*
Location: Somerville, Massachusetts
Client: City of Someville
The revitalization of Somerville Avenue streetscape was coordinated with a subsurface utility project funded through the Massachusetts Highway Department. For this very busy public transportation corridor for vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles, the design required a high level of coordination and attention to safety and accommodation for all modes of transportation. Included in the streetscape design were ‘signature’ elements that characterized the identity of the avenue, its history and present importance as an urban space.
Dennisport Revitalization Master Plan*
Location: Dennisport, Massachusetts
Client: Dennisport Revitalization Committee
Master Planning project focusing on the central business district of the Village of Dennisport in the Town of Dennis, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Working with the Dennisport Revitalization Committee, the Master Plan document outlined the vision for the village core including enhancements to the streetscape, traffic safety recommendations and strategies for securing funding for final design and construction.
Huntington Avenue Reconstruction Project**
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Client: City of Boston Redevelopment Authority
A $15 million streetscape reconstruction in downtown Boston funded through ISTEA. Working closely with the Massachusetts Highway Department, the project involved the redesign of the Avenue’s roadway and sidewalks as well as the public transit reservation located in the median of the road requiring close coordination with the MBTA’s Greenline reconstruction project. Elements of the streetscape design included ADA compliant surface design, paving, pedestrian and street lighting, street tree planting, crosswalks, street furniture and amenities. A highly participatory public workshop program and coordination with many of the cultural institutions and private stakeholders were major factors throughout the design process.
Lincoln Road Improvement Project**
Location: City of Miami Beach, Florida
Client: The Lincoln Road Partnership
Urban design and construction documentation for the revitalization of an existing twelve block pedestrian mall originally designed by the renowned architect Morris Lapidus in the 1950’s. This project, part of an economic development effort, was funded by the Lincoln Road Partnership which included over 200 stakeholders. The project involved complex paving, new and existing water fountains and many unique design elements which required many specialized and innovative design details and construction procedures.
Embarcadero Urban Design Surface Improvements Project***
Location: San Francisco, California
Client: City of San Francisco, California
Ms. Fitzgerald was part of a schematic design team for a major urban revitalization project for the City of San Francisco. The urban design team completed Schematic and Design Development for the redesign of the Embarcadero after the dismantling of the elevated highway damaged by the 1989 earthquake. The reconstruction and streetscape improvements included a new surface trolley line, pedestrian corridors and amenities, signage and public art, as well as vehicular circulation.
* With Waterfield Design Group, Winchester, MA
** With Pressley Associates, Inc., Cambridge, MA
*** With Bechtel Corp., San Francisco, CA